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Final Conference Schedule

And with that, pre-registration is officially closed! Walk-ins are still more than welcome, just bring your payment with you. Of course, if you find yourself in NYC during the next three days, please stop by and say hello. We’d love to connect in person. And if you don’t, say a prayer for us! Our biggest event yet, by a considerable stretch. Many thanks to all who have helped put this together, especially the fine folks at Calvary St. George’s. Our regular scheduled blogging picks up again next week (Tuesday). In the meantime, thankfully, the world keeps turning

Preliminary NYC Conference Schedule

Some details subject to change (slightly). To pre-register go here.

P.S. We’ve heard that people are getting great deals on hotel rooms in the vicinity via Also, word has it that AirTran is having particularly good sale this week, and Delta is matching the price points. Just sayin.

P.P.S. For a great and provocative discussion of keynote speaker Mark Galli’s recent work, check out InternetMonk!