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From The Onion: Heckled Christian Rock Band Knows How Jesus Felt

An oldie but a goodie from America’s Finest News Source, the “clean” portions of which include: COLUMBIA, MO—After walking off stage to a chorus of boos, threats, and obscenities, local Christian rock band Enter the Kingdom told reporters Friday that they now knew exactly how Jesus felt when he was persecuted. “We were always taught […]

The Only Excellence-Proofed Musical Genre (You Guessed It)

A brilliant passage from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s essay about his experience at the Creation (Christian Rock) festival, “Upon This Rock,” which can be found in his highly recommended collection Pulphead. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the CCM conundrum expressed so precisely or matter of factly, i.e. most such takedowns tend to be gleeful exercises in […]

High-School Jesus Phases and Doubts About One’s Doubts

How to create a Pavlovian response in yours truly: 1. Produce extended, compassionate essays on Michael Jackson and Axl Rose. 2. Let it slip that you were raised Episcopalian. 3. Prompt a number of your colleagues to compare you with David Foster Wallace, going so far as to proclaim you his literary heir. 4. Write […]

Jesus Is Like A Mountie

Further proof that when it comes to kitsch, no one does it better than Christians! And I mean that in an affectionate way – if we can’t laugh at ourselves…:

Not to be outdone:

Mbird-Approved Christian Rock

As promised, here’s my stab at a playlist of legitimately great Christian rock songs, in response to the one Daniel Radosh posted on the NY Times blog. The criteria I used were: 1. The song had to be something that could honestly be called Christian Rock. Clearly, tons of “secular” music references Jesus, and huge […]

Rapture Ready-Approved Christian Rock

As a follow-up to Aaron’s excellent post the other day, William Writes alerted me that Daniel Radosh, author of Rapture Ready, recently posted an annotated playlist of his favorite Christian rock songs on the NY Times blog. His introduction was particularly good: “This is a list of 10 great Christian rock songs. Really. I know […]