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Living and Dying With Rich Mullins: Let Go and Let Rich Be Rich

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Rich Mullins’ death in a car accident at age 41. To commemorate this occasion, I am writing my memories of his music — not so much music criticism as memoir-via-music. See part 1 here and part 2 here. I love Rich Mullins because he was willing to criticize or even reject […]

Gospel Moshing: Adventures at Metal Shows with a Spooky Friend

Maybe we, why don’t we Sit right here for half an hour? We’ll speak of what a waste I am And how we missed your beat again I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place To bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in And I’m short […]

An Imaginative Festival of Lessons and Carols

A yearly Christmas pleasure is King’s College at Cambridge’s famous Festival of Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, nine lessons and nine carols with a beautiful choir and traditional music. For those who just can’t wait, here’s a bit of the rationale of the King’s College service, followed by an Mbird-friendly, fresh and down-to-earth spinoff to tide […]

Tenth Avenue North: “Times”

The song “Times” by Tenth Avenue North was played on the Pandora station I was listening to on Saturday. I only caught a moment of it as I hurried around my kitchen preparing for my son’s birthday party: “In times of confusion, chaos and pain/I’m there in your sorrow under the weight of your shame/I’m […]

Three Particularly Fine Christian Music Album Covers

Taken from a list of 60 Awesome Christian Music Album Covers (a number of which, I’m proud to say, have already appeared on this site in some context). ht MG:

Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome

This one comes to us as a collaboration between Todd Brewer and DZ. Enjoy: I have been looking forward to reviewing Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome ever since his record label deemed it too controversial to be released this past May. Derek has moved further and further toward the outer fringe of Christian music with each […]