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The Ethics of Authenticity

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. – Eric Liddell Stop me if you’ve heard this story before…. A young underdog struggling to find their voice in a backwards town where they don’t seem to fit in. They want to […]

The Cruelty of Righteous People

Long, lovely quote from Reinhold Niebuhr’s An Interpretation of Christian Ethics (pp. 138-1390): ============== There is no deeper pathos in the spiritual life of man than the cruelty of righteous people. If any one idea dominates the teachings of Jesus, it is his opposition to the self-righteousness of the righteous. The parable spoken unto “certain […]

From Reinhold Niebuhr’s Introduction to Christian Ethics

A quick one from Obama’s favorite theologian (ht MS): The moral effectiveness of the religious life thus depends upon deeper resources than moral demands upon the will. Whenever the modern pulpit contents itself with the presentation of these demands, however urgent and fervent, it reveals its enslavement to the rationalistic presuppositions of our era. The […]

325 Days of Lent: "Father Forgive Them. . . "

In preparation for a Lenten series, I’ve been reading through Stanley Hauerwas’ Cross Shattered Christ: Meditations on the Seven Last Words, and I must say, despite my aversion to (so-called) “Christian Ethics,” this book is a perfect reading companion for anyone and everyone looking to spend Lent contemplating the deus absconditus–the hiddenness of God. At […]