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The Secret History of William Axl Rose, Pt 3: Left So Far Out From The Shore

Concluding our three-part series on Axl Rose. Read part one and part two. “The name [Guns n Roses] helped the music [on Chinese Democracy] more than you could ever know, and I’m not talking in regards to studios and budgets. I mean it as in being pushed by something, and having to get the music […]

The Secret History of William Axl Rose, Pt 2: Everything Was Roses When We Held On To The Guns

Continuing with our three part series on Axl Rose. Read part one here. “Those who are predisposed to fall into despondency as well as to rise into the ecstasy may be able to view reality from an angle different from that of ordinary folk. Yet it is a true angle; and when the problem or […]

A Malleable Feast? Perception, Reality and the Cross

I ran across this op-ed piece by A. E. Hotchner in the NY times the other day objecting to how the new edition of Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, “…has been extensively reworked by a grandson who doesn’t like what the original said about his grandmother, Hemingway’s second wife. The grandson has removed several sections […]

A Few Belated Year-End Lists

Sixteen Favorite Songs of 2008 in No Particular Order:1. Midnight’s Another Day – Brian Wilson2. Family Tree – TV On The Radio3. Mykonos – Fleet Foxes4. This Is Not A Test – She And Him5. When The Lights Go Out – Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken5. Love Runs Deeper – Lindsey Buckingham6. Miss Sweeney – […]

Sewage Pond

I thought I’d pass this video along. Profoundly simple parable of the Christian life. Check it out… The last 2 min. are the best…

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