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Lessons Learned from a Summer Fling

This reflection comes from Chelsea Batten. I probably shouldn’t have gone back to his place. But I was leaving the next morning, and I didn’t want to leave him a moment before. A proper Christian lady would say that she regretted staying the night at his place. But I don’t regret that. What I do […]

Miley Cyrus, Socrates, and Life as Imitation

This comes from Mockingbird friend Chelsea Batten. You can read more from her here. Everyone’s mad at Miley Cyrus, and not for the reason you think. Well, no, it is for the reason(s) you think. But also for some new reasons. The little darling has made herself a whole new group of enemies with the […]

The Mindy Project Hits Refresh on Christian Stereotypes

This post comes from Mbird friend Chelsea Batten: Summer is coming rapidly to an end. Cheer up: that means the beginning of fall sweeps! All the TV that I resolve not to watch, only to consume in a mass Hulu-powered binge during late nights in motel rooms in towns where I don’t know anybody, is […]