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First Issue of The Mockingbird Now Available!!

The first issue of The Mockingbird, our brand new quarterly magazine, is in the mail! If you signed up for our mailing list, you should have one coming to you, free of charge. If haven’t, sign up before March 1st and we’ll happily send you one. If you want to subscribe, look no further than (Remember, Mockingbird’s monthly donors receive a free subscription!)

In the meantime, here’s the line-up for our maiden voyage.

photo1Paging Doctor Presley: Thoughts on the Healing Hands of King Mockingbird by David Zahl

The Real Real Orange County: Looking Back on MTV’s Laguna Beach by Dan Varley

There Is Nothing the Matter with My Heart: Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim and My Myth of Me by Zach Williams

For the Record: Mockingbird’s Netflix Queue, Must-Hear TED Talks, A Kurosawa Primer, Top 5 Church Debates, and an Elvis Gospel Playlist

Transformational: The Hidden Spirituality of America’s Great Movement by Ethan Richardson

“Friends Don’t Get Serious”: John Cassavetes, James Baldwin and Tall Tales of Angry Men by Charlotte Hornsby

When a Measure Becomes a Target: Inside the Economics of Repentance by Will McDavid

A New Way to Tell It: An Interview with Francis Spufford (click here for a preview)

A Vision for the Storms by Blake Ian Collier

Coming to Terms with the American Hero Fix by Sarah Condon

Dying to Live: What Are the Side Effects of the Modern Hospital? by R-J Heijmen

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The Loneliest Question: Knowing Ourselves from the Stories We Tell

Another reflection–this time on the illusive nature of identity and memory–from the pen of Charlotte Hornsby. Sarah’s dad says it best. Beaming his blue eyes past the camera, he squints and asks, “How is it we talk and talk without conveying somehow what we’re really like?” This conundrum lies at the heart of Stories We […]

Bread and Jam for Frances Ha

Another pearl from Charlotte Hornsby on the newest Noah Baumbach film. We, the followers and the followed, the tagged and untagged, the liked and the retweeted are building a Xanadu writ in html, a constant feed of pictures and updates that allows everyone to share his or her story… so long as it isn’t boring. […]

The Sun Never Sets on the Romantic Comedy (Until It Does)

Another terrific contribution from Charlotte Hornsby, this time on the third installment of the Richard Linklater imperfect-love trilogy, Before Midnight. My mom has always had serious beef with rom-coms. In middle school she’d ask me how my sleepover went, only to listen as I gave a starry-eyed play-by-play not of my own cookie dough-fueled escapades, […]

John Cassavetes’ Faces and the Relentless Activity of People Who Are Afraid to be Seen

It was only a matter of time til we got t0 Cassavetes. This one comes to us courtesy of Charlotte Hornsby: “We need love like food, water and air and we don’t know how to get it. And that’s our struggle…” -John Cassavetes, Writer/Director/Actor/Auteur In his 1968 film Faces, John Cassavetes trains his camera on […]