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On TV: Louis C.K. Babels About The Language of Love

Blake (B.I.C) and I both share a fondness for the television show, “Louie”, so we felt compelled to have an email conversation this week about the episodes entitled “Elevator” (parts 1-6). Here is the edited and streamlined result of an exchange between a couple of guys with certifiable Louis C.K. man crushes. B.I.C: So, Howie, […]

Another Week Ends: Religious Scientists, The Man Who Loved Children, Whit Stillman, Charles Grodin and Andy Griffith

Greetings from VA! It’s taken a week or so, but we’re just about set up down here in our new home. 1. Last week The Washington Post reviewed Elaine Ecklund’s new book Science Vs Religion: What Scientist Really Think, which polls the beliefs of over 1700 scientists at America’s most elite research universities. The findings […]