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Reconciling Sorrow with Grace in Noname’s ‘Telefone’

When I remember memories don’t last forever When I deny my empty with an open letter Who gon remember me? My satellite, my empathy The wheels be chrome, chrome spiffy, the Lord with me My halo said goodbye and the floor hit me Fill the lining in the pine box, my granny fill the time […]

Another Week Ends: Sincerity, Repentance, Beatitudes, Michelin Stars, Hard Leisure, and Hard-Won Tribalism

1. Mark Galli is at his best in his article, “Whatever Became of Repentance?” In a time riddled with righteous anger and categorical division on almost every level, it makes sense how the 500-year anniversary could be co-opted as a central reminder of the power of the Reformer and the Protest. Galli points the conversation […]

Kirk the Preacher and the Holy Ghost Album That Won’t Leave Me Alone

Kirk Franklin (thanks to St. Chance the Preacher) appears to be having a moment. If you are all, “Who is Kirk Franklin?” then try to be less white and enjoy the following piece. It has been well documented on Mockingbird that I was a theatre nerd in my youth. In Mississippi public high schools, math […]

In Praise of Chance

An ode to the Rapper of good news, by Cody Gainous. Someone alert the end-time prophets: Jesus is coming back a day early. And it’s all thanks to one of the many stars of the 2017 Grammys, and a somewhat unlikely hero — he’s only 23 years old, and he has never sold an album. […]

Chance the Rapper Wishes Jesus a Happy Birthday

Via this past Saturday’s SNL. Sublime:

A Slightly Belated List of the Best Music of 2013

I apologize for the lateness of this “year-end” music list. Hey, good music never goes out of style, right? At the end of every year, I find myself scrambling in an effort to listen to every “important” album that came out during the year just in case I missed the “best” album of the year. […]