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From the Archives: The Gospel of “Me” in the American Workplace

What does “the good life” really mean? It is a question which, in itself, may prove the point of the recent NY Times‘ op-ed, “The Gospel According to ‘Me’”. In it Jamieson Webster and Simon Critchley, a psychoanalyst and a philosophy professor, talk shop about today’s “church of self,” how the emptying pews of churches […]

The “Doing What You Love” Elixir

Confession time: I only play pick-up basketball in gyms where the average age of those playing is well above middle-aged. I tragically got cut from the JV team my sophomore year of high school, so being on the same court as my contemporaries brings back too many unwanted memories. This preference rules out playing pick-up […]

No One Knows the Law (Like John Fitzgerald Page): Buckhead Nightlife and the Search for Identity

While DZ is recovering from a trip to Liberate in Fort Lauderdale, here’s one of his favorite identity stories from Gawker, the ballad of “Nightmare Online Dater” John Fitzgerald Page, who received a wink on and promptly responded with an email laden with identity assertions, ticking off all the boxes that many of us, […]

PZ’s Podcast 98-99.5: Reflections in a Golden Eye, A Night at the Bardo and Got to Have a Hundred

Episode 98: Reflections in a Golden Eye This is a little “onesy” and posits your current media/avocational/move-television/music-iPod interest as a sort of “true north” of your life, of what’s really going on inside you, and therefore outside you. What I mean is, the books you like, the TV show you can’t miss, the music you […]

Tina Fey and The Baby-Career Dilemma

Tina Fey plays the double messages of modern life better than anyone, particularly those that relate to women. On 30 Rock, her character Liz Lemon is a catalog of contradictions, constantly (and hilariously) battling the differences between the ideal and the real, her ‘shoulds’ and her ‘wants’, her convictions and her appetites, etc. She mines […]