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PZ’s Podcast 95-97: Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Strack-Billerbeck, and Surprise (Symphony)

Episode 95: Bedknobs and Broomsticks But this cast is really about causes and activisms. The problem with attaching your personal cry for reparation and “just desserts” to larger symbolic passions and concerns is that when you’ve finally righted the wrong, and leveled the playing field, you can still find yourself unsatisfied. “Yes, we won. (Thank […]

PZ’s Podcast: One Message or Two?, Altars by the Roadside, The Inward Voice (Pts. 1 & 2)

Since last we checked in, not two but four episodes of PZ’s podcast have been published! To download/listen, simply click on the title of each. Episode 65: One Message or Two? I seem to keep getting the question, ‘What is your message for non-disillusioned people?’ You may be on to something in relation to older, […]

PZ’s Podcast Double-Feature, Part Two: Here or Nowhere

EPISODE 24 Stoicism, anyone? Well, I think there’s something to it, in the light of selfishness and sorrow, which is to say that stoicism — which is just a term, from Classical Antiquity — acknowledges the tenacious changelessness of the human world, and poses the question, What can we do? Given the impasses of temperament […]

PZ’s Podcast Double-Feature, Part One: Inside Looking Out

EPISODE 23 So I was standing in line at the Hess Station the other day and began to be critical of everyone else who was standing in line with me. I thought about lottery tickets and poor people, Jerry Springer, obesity, ‘Joe Six-Pack’, the few free individuals who were purchasing cigarettes, Little Debbie, Black Coffee […]

Another One from Cozzens’ By Love Possessed

From page 66 of the great novel by James Gould Cozzens, italics by Mockingbird: Mr. Woolf said, “That’s the thing that interests me about history, Judge. Most of what you read’s ex parte — we’re used to studying evidence, so we see that right away. What aren’t they telling you? A lot of men they […]

From James Gould Cozzens’ By Love Possessed

An incredible quote from James Gould Cozzens’ novel By Love Possessed (1957) with a strong Luke 12 feel: “In a careful review of worries of their lives, most men’s finding must be, neither that there was nothing to worry about, nor that worry couldn’t be on occasion, a valuable, profitable exercise, but that all or […]