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Going Rogen: Hiding Behind the Cross

About 95% of the way through this video, I decided that I wasn’t going to post about it, because it touches on things about I’ve already written about. But the last 5% compelled me otherwise. The video has some questionable elements, so, if you’re pure of heart (or at work), you may want to skip to […]

Are You Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is (allegedly) one of the best shows on TV. I say allegedly because I haven’t seen it. My TV watching habits are pretty strange: I don’t watch drama on TV.  I watch scripted comedy (Community, Modern Family) and reality (Top Chef, Project Runway) and a couple studio comedies (The Colbert Report, Conan). I […]

Living Hell and the Moral Vision Behind Breaking Bad

Now that Friday Night Lights is off the air, there’s really only one contender for the best drama on television: Breaking Bad, obviously. But Breaking Bad is more than just a successor to the breadbowl-drama throne. It is the Old Testament to Friday Night Lights’ New Testament. Or maybe, the Old Covenant to FNL’s New […]