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Happy Birthday, Bono!

The man himself turns the big Five-Zero today (and the rest of us feel a little older as a result).

Turns out we’ve written pretty extensively on U2 and their charismatic lead singer. For an index of those posts, go here.

How Can You Stand Next To The Truth And Not See It? – U2 at Giants Stadium

Talk about jealousy – our friend Nathan was among those fortunate enough to score tickets to U2’s much-anticipated gig in NYC last night, and he sent us the following report. [To read Aaron Zimmerman’s excellent 4-part series on the spiritual history of the band, click here, here, here and here.] “We’ve got a spaceship,” Bono […]

U2: From Seekers, to Saints, to Sinners, to Saved by Grace–Part 4

PART 4: SAVED BY GRACE Back in May, Mockingbird began a series examining the intersection of the lives, the faith, and the music of the members of U2. You can read the earlier posts here, here, and here. The series was born out of the observation that the personal journey of the band—in particular that […]

U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (by Grace)–Part 3

Part 3: Sinners Our four-part series on U2’s spiritual journey continues with a look at how the band dealt with the failure of their early aggressive form of Christianity. As we saw last time, their spiritual seeking had led them to a deep faith in Jesus. But it was in the context of an extremely […]

U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (By Grace)–Part 2

Part 2: Saints Our look at U2’s spiritual journey continues. In the first installment, I looked at the pain Bono suffered as a young man desperate for his father’s approval. This need for acceptance, along with the death of his mother, made Bono a spiritual seeker from an early age. In 1976, Bono–along with Edge […]

U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (by Grace)–Part 1

Part 1: Seekers Everyone knows that Bono, lead singer for U2, is an outspoken Christian. But do you know the story behind the band’s faith? Bono, Larry Mullen (drums), and Edge (guitar), were all members of a Christian community in Dublin called Shalom in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While in high school, they […]

A Glossary of Mockingbird Terms…

Here’s the 1st entry…

Bonobamaism: (n.) the ideological love child of Bono and Obama. Wow, look at all of that hope, now that’s what I call Bonobamism in action! Those pesky wars and famines are nothing a good shot of Bonobamism can’t handle. JDK


April Playlist

This one has it all: 1. Harmour Love – Syreeta with Stevie Wonder [Theme Song from Junebug] 2. Can’t Hardly Wait – Justin Townes Earle 3. To Live Is To Fly – Townes Van Zandt 4. It Never Rains In California – Albert Hammond [Sr.] 5. That Same Song – The Beach Boys 6. Make […]

Another Week Ends: Phil Spector, The Beatles, Les Mis, The Dark Knight, Bono

1. That Phil Spector lost his case came as no surprise to many of us. Still, as a long-time Spector fan/fanatic, the whole thing has hit me rather hard. Let us not forget that in 2002 he told a reporter, “to all intents and purposes I would say I’m probably relatively insane, to an extent…I […]

The Stones Cry Out: Jagger Jumps for Joy

As Michael Jackson in the 90s, Dylan in the 80s, or post-Smiths/-Viva Hate Morrissey would attest, an unsung or widely defiled period of a great artist’s career can often hide some of their best work. Or at least, their most interesting. Free from the constraints of “relevance” (i.e. commercial pressure), they tend to produce more […]

Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons

As brilliant an illustration of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount insight about the moral equivalence of action and motivation (Matthew 5: 21-30) as I’ve ever come across, this is a spot that Ricky and Stephen did for the Comic Relief charity in England (which you may remember from the second season of the BBC Office) […]

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

There are so many wonderful things one could say about this clip. It shows a conversation between Ellen DeGeneres and the 88-year-old Gladys Hardy, from Austin, TX. Gladys is disarming in her warmth, her obvious generosity of heart, and the way she doesn’t take herself (or anyone) too seriously. By her own admission, she is […]