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Singing Along with Annie Lennox on Bad Days

This one comes to us from Bo White. A few months ago, The New York Times covered an art exhibition put together by Annie Lennox. I was immediately intrigued because the piece dealt with death but was still being touted as life-giving. In the installation, Lennox buried some personal artifacts beneath a mound of dirt, to […]

When People Stand and Cheer for You (and When They Don’t)

This one comes to us from Bo White.  The greatest two minutes in sports is when people stand up and cheer for horses that run really fast in a circle. And while there may be skeptics, try attending a race in person or try watching it without wanting at least a horse with a cool […]

Replaying Failure Over and Over

This reflection comes to us from Bo White. Growing up in Northern Illinois, I had the chance to attend the training camp of the Chicago Bears as a spectator and as a fan. And yes, attending camp in 1984 and 1985 was really fun. I remain a fan and follower of most Chicago teams which, […]