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New Religions, Fresh Heretics, and the Beyoncé-KISS Continuum

The big 4-0 passed us by with hardly a whimper. It was just a couple weeks ago, but no one made a fuss, not even the band, who seldom pass up a chance at a cash grab. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising; on the list of Pop Culture Disasters, this one ranks pretty low–somewhere […]

Beyoncé, Lemonade, and the Things We Inherit

This one comes to us from Heather Strong Moore. What happens when one of the most successful and influential artists of our time experiences a deep and fairly public heartbreak? She takes those lemons and makes them into Lemonade. Beyoncé’s “visual album” was released on April 23rd and already it’s made history with every track appearing on […]

Another Week Ends: Fairness, The Life of Wiman, Motherly Love, Malick Sacraments, Karr Talks Saunders, Anderson Shoots Prada, and the Ke$ha Trump Card

1) The Chronicle released a preview last month to Wiman’s newest piece of work, My Bright Abyss, which we’ve already pulled from a couple of times, here and here, and the life and the illness that spurred it. Jay Parini writes that poetry criticism and commentary began by pulling the fabric of a piece of […]

If Beyoncé Lip-Synced, You Made Her

People are calling it “Beyoncé-gate.” Did she or did she not lip-sync the Inauguration’s National Anthem? If she didn’t, what was the fuss with the Marine Corps Band–who first said she had a backup track, and then “backed off” that earlier claim? What about that picture of her on Tumblr, hooked into her laptop, in […]

Jay-Z Sheds Newborn Light on the Old, Old Story

This one comes to us from new Mbird contributor Matthew Schneider: If you’ve paid attention to the news the past few days, you’ve probably caught wind of rapper Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé’s newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Even bigger news since Monday is Jay-Z’s hip-hop release dedicated to Blue Ivy: “Glory Ft. B.I.C”. My immediate […]