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Joy to a Broken Heart, or, Did the Law Ever Love Martin Luther?

From the great Reformer’s commentary on Galatians, pgs 155-56, ht CB: “Did the Law ever love me? Did the Law ever sacrifice itself for me? Did the Law ever die for me? On the contrary, it accuses me, it frightens me, it drives me crazy. Somebody else saved me from the Law, from sin and death […]

May Playlist

  1. Tighter, Tighter – Alive ‘N Kickin’
  2. Tell ‘Em Willie Boy Is Comin’ – Tommy James
  3. Weeds – Pulp
  4. You Came, You Saw, You Conquered – The Ronettes
  5. The Weakest Shade of Blue – Pernice Brothers
  6. My Saddest Day – Reg Austin
  7. Wonder – Embrace
  8. Run to Me – The Bee Gees
  9. AM 180 – Grandaddy
  10. Hollywood Blvd – Neil Merryweather
  11. Teenage Dream – T. Rex
  12. Ballad of Maxwell Demon – Shudder to Think
  13. Hey, Hey Helen – ABBA
  14. Glad and Sorry – The Faces
  15. The Caves of Jericho – The Band
  16. Dreams – Slaid Cleaves
  17. So Long You Pretty Thing – Spiritualized
  18. Beyond the Sunset – Hank Williams

The Brothers Gibb Are Gonna Believe in the Lord

A special treat to tie you over while we iron out issues with our new server (thanks for bearing with us!):

Behold, The Walk-Off! A Study in Sensitivity and Reactivity

Two nights ago on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN, Delaware Senatorial candidate and Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell did something that has a long lineage in news broadcasting: she walked off an interview. Like the Bee Gees, the Bachelorette, Tommy Davis and Paris Hilton before her, O’Donnell bailed on the interview when it veered into […]