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Death of a Garden That Never Existed. And Robots.

Garden writing is a rather unusual sub-genre, part memoir and part fantasy. You do, you dream. Gardening is all about should and ought; nature is governed by its own laws, and we are struggling to keep or subvert them. Exploring the existential effects of our ‘original profession’ has, on us mere mortals, produced some worthy and […]

Reviewing The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography

I was honored a few months ago to be asked to review Alan Jacobs’ new biography of The Book of Common Prayer for Modern Reformation magazine, one of my/our favorite periodicals. Seeing as the issue in which it appears just hit stands (May-June), here’s a generous portion of the article. Be sure to head over to […]

White as Snow…

The following is a piece I did for my school’s Advent Devotional. It is based off of the readings for this past Monday (according to the 1979 BCP), specifically Isaiah 1:10-20. Isaiah’s words are a fitting opening for this season of Advent. In the first nine verses of chapter 1, Isaiah describes the rebellion and […]

The Immoral Brother

[The following is a Lenten Devotional piece I did for my school’s Lenten Devotional (duh). It is based off of the readings for Wednesday in the second week of Lent (according to the 1979 BCP), specifically 1 Cor 5. I have decided to (and have finally gotten around to…yes, I am that slow) posting it […]