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From the Archives: God Is Not The Archives

A throwback from Adam Morton.  One great benefit of regularly preaching and teaching from the Bible in exchange for money, aside from the money itself (fine, not spectacular), is that it forces me into confrontation with portions of scripture that would otherwise escape notice. My spiritual discipline is inadequate to compel this in any other way. […]

The New Yorker on Modern (Re-)Interpretations of Jesus

For all you New Yorker readers out there, I’d like to recommend an interesting (though unsurprising) article in this week’s issue entitled “What Did Jesus Do?”.  The premise of the article is a familiar one: to strip away all the tradition and fairy tales of Christian tradition, and get back to who the historical Jesus […]

Bart Ehrman and the Rashomon Effect

I recently caught part of the March 31 debate between Bart Erhman and Craig Evans on the reliability of the Gospels. While listening to Dr. Ehrman drone on in his typical, dated, liberal textual criticism of the Bible, something struck me: Dr. Erhman has completely ignored the Rashomon effect. Dr. Ehrman’s argument is basic (and […]

How To Make A Funeral More Depressing

There was a thought-provoking piece on NPR this morning about the rising popularity of “non-religious” songs being chosen for funerals. Interestingly, the song at the top of the list was Sinatra’s “My Way”. Here are the lyrics: My WayAnd now, the end is near;And so I face the final curtain.My friend, Ill say it clear,Ill […]