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Studies Show…That Happiness Is a Waste of Time

For years, I lived with the nagging thought that my melancholy, pessimism, and cynicism were taking years off my life. I did not arrive at that conclusion based on research or conviction; I absorbed it from the assumption, endemic in American culture, that subjective positivity improves objective markers of healthfulness. Once my therapy regimen broke […]

Choking on Pink Ribbons: Barbara Ehrenreich on Calvinism, Megachurches and Positive Thinking

Where does the American dream end and the Christian Gospel begin? Admittedly, not a question often explored in The NY Times Book Review. That is, until Hanna Rosin wrote up Barbara Ehrenreich’s new forcefully-titled Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America. The book was inspired by Ehrenreich’s own bout with breast cancer, and it would […]