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Another Week Ends: COVID-19, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Prodigal Tech Bro, [In]Authenticity, Michel Houellebecq, New Killers, and a Future We Cannot See

1. Obviously the most important article of the week is “Jerry from Cheer Mat-Talks You Through the Coronavirus Outbreak”: “Yes! Sanitize those hands, girl! … DO! NOT! LEAVE! THE! HOUSE! You got this!!” 2. In second place is David Brooks’ latest op-ed, which notes that pandemics kill compassion. Skimming through various plagues of yore, Brooks urges us […]

From the Archives: The Gospel of “Me” in the American Workplace

What does “the good life” really mean? It is a question which, in itself, may prove the point of the recent NY Times‘ op-ed, “The Gospel According to ‘Me’”. In it Jamieson Webster and Simon Critchley, a psychoanalyst and a philosophy professor, talk shop about today’s “church of self,” how the emptying pews of churches […]

True Colors: Car Choices, Food Sources, and the Fauxthenticity of Our Times

Now a month out from its release to your doorsteps, it’s now time to leak just a few samplings of what’s in our summer issue of The Mockingbird. If you feel you missed your chance, fear not! Click here and we’ll set you up. This essay comes James Gilmore, business school professor and co-author of […]

Ultimate and Awesome: The Changing Landscape of Human Attention

An article was released last week in the New York Times about the “Age of Awesome” we currently live in. That’s no surprise if you live in the vicinity of a television: valuating expressions fill commercials these days with “extreme” and “epic” language. Even many of the most banal home activities–laundry, dinner, yard work–have been […]

Miley Cyrus, Socrates, and Life as Imitation

This comes from Mockingbird friend Chelsea Batten. You can read more from her here. Everyone’s mad at Miley Cyrus, and not for the reason you think. Well, no, it is for the reason(s) you think. But also for some new reasons. The little darling has made herself a whole new group of enemies with the […]

The “Me” Gospel: Killers and Chillers in the Workplace

The internet is still brimming with commentary on what “the good life” really means, a question which, in itself, may prove the point of The NY Times‘ recent must-read op-ed, “The Gospel According to ‘Me’”. In it Jamieson Webster and Simon Critchley, a psychoanalyst and a philosophy professor talk shop about today’s “church of self,” […]

To Render Authenticity: The New Business Imperative

We have talked quite a bit about authenticity of late, mostly in terms of its cultural expressions and frustrations, from Nicki Minaj and Anne Hathaway, to its incarnations in the political spheres of conversation, to the hipster modicums toward/against consumerism and the “narcissism of small differences“. We’ve talked about how its been brought into hyperdrive […]

Selling Out to Keep It Real: Indie Currency in the Decade(s) of Dysfunction

n+1 has a new piece on the changing landscape of the “sellout,” and the assertions of authenticity that have been re-shaped in the relationship between art and commerce. Evan Kindley is writing a review on a few books in the topic, one of which is spotlighted, by Timothy Taylor, The Sounds of Capitalism: Advertising, Music, […]

From Stickers to Likes: Validation, Authenticity, and Social Media for the Children of the 90s

Modern Reformation’s May-June issue is out! If you haven’t already picked up a copy, this issue, entitled “Wired and Tired,” deals mostly with this our age of technology, and the unexpected weight it has brought to its users. Coming from the angle of identity and authenticity, one of the featured articles comes from yours truly. […]

Understanding Authenticity and The Lawrence-Hathaway Carnival Ride of Attraction/Revulsion

Two fascinating deconstructions of our collective obsession with “authenticity” appeared this past week, both of them confirming its status as cultural little ‘l’ law numero uno (for the moment). It’s interesting for a number of reasons, and not just because Mr. Artfully Inauthentic himself, David Bowie, released his first new album in 10 years on […]

The Authenticity Hoax: Perpetual Coolhunts and the Law of Keeping It Real

Authenticity is a very rich vein. In fact, there may not be a richer one at this moment in our culture. It’s a buzz word, sure, but it’s a buzz word because it has become value numero uno for a certain type of post-Cobain, Generation Why mindset, and I would include myself in that demographic. […]

Staying a Step Ahead of Walker Percy’s Island News

AT&T’s most recent ad campaign is all about getting there first, “staying a step ahead,” being the closest possible to the newest source of the newest News–and chiding the stragglers, those who got there too late, those for whom the News is Old News. Shame! They miss the “flash” mob, they miss the party, they […]