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The Anne Rice Chronicles: Part 2

More news on a story we’ve been following with some interest here at Mockingbird: Anne Rice’s very public rejection of Christianity (while maintaining her personal devotion to and belief in Christ). The author recently gave a well-worth-a-look interview to Christianity Today. Read it and see what you think. She talks about her thinking on the […]

Another Week Ends: Summoned Lives, Dwight Gooden, Anne Rice, Getting Low, Swimming the Tiber, Kurosawa and Rossellini

1. A few bits from the editorial “Summoned Lives” by David Brooks last week, in which he compares two ways of life: The Well-Planned Life (endorsed, ironically – or not so ironically – by a “serious Christian”) and The Summoned Life. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which one we gravitate toward: […]