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The Myth of the Perfect (Christian) Parent

A friend emailed this article to me from Christianity Today that I had somehow missed, about the pitfalls of being the perfect Christian parent. The themes of guilt, shame, anxiety (i.e., Law) about producing Christian children are not unfamiliar to MBird readers. Unfortunately, as the author notes, they are also recurrent themes in Christian parenting. […]

Writhing and Sur-Thriving: A Tough Season for Believers

Interesting editorial from Ross Douthat of the NY Times, “Tough Season for Believers”, using the season as an opportunity to look at two books, American Grace and To Change the World, which take the pulse of Christianity in America. In the conclusion, he gets at some of our (probably naive but hey, it’s Christmas) hopes […]

Another Week Ends: Yancey on AA, Whit Stillman, Dawn Treader and Ron Swanson

1. A great little interview with evangelical author Philip Yancey on CNN about his new book What Good Is God?, in which he responds to one of our all-time favorite questions, i.e: What can churches learn from AA? Yancey: Two lessons stand out sharply to me: radical honesty and radical dependence. Alcoholics Anonymous members can […]

This American Christianity – "Bait and Switch"

“Our goal is to save souls and make money for the church” Ira Glass’ much-acclaimed NPR radio show This American Life continues to be an unparalleled source of great sermon illustrations. Episode #213 “Devil On My Shoulder”, which was re-aired just before Halloween this year, provides a devastating look at the human heart and our […]