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Two More Days…

Choose your own adventures, thanks to Vulture.


The Lovable Lostness of Jesse Pinkman

[Spoiler Alert!] According to the Fresh Air interview with actor Aaron Paul, his character, the impulsive young Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s Breaking Bad, wasn’t supposed to make it out of the first season. He tells Terry Gross he didn’t even know that was the plan and so: …instantly my heart kind of dropped and slowed […]

Do You Have a Zombie Plan? Part II

And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” So he hurried and came down and received him joyfully. And when they saw it, they all grumbled, “He has gone in to be the guest of a […]

Do You Have a Zombie Plan? Part I

Do you have a zombie plan? This is a hot question right now, right up with “What do you do for a living?” Of course, my answer is always an emphatic “Yes!” How could you not? In the event of a zomb-pocalypse, my family and I will lock all doors, retreat to the attic (via […]

Twelve Pieces Of Pop Culture Worth Looking Forward To This Fall

With the most important arrival finally here, it’s time to turn our attention to the lights on this Fall’s pop culture horizon. In no particular order, the non-goes-without-saying items (i.e. no FNL, Harry Potter or Mavis Staples) that this blogger is most looking forward over the next three months are: 1. Monsters (Oct 29th). Lots […]

"Mad Men" Season Premiere Tonight

A thoughtful interview with Mad Men creator and writer Matthew Weiner with some insights into what to expect this season. Season four begins as an almost brand new show. There is a new ad agency, a new office, a new apartment for the now single Don, and a new set of challenges. Yet Weiner admits that the central theme of the show remains unchanged. The question of identity is alive and well as we are left wondering “who is Don Draper?”

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s an official preview from the AMC website:

Gal. 4:27: Theology of the Cross and the Triumph of the Word

” Sarah, the free woman, on the other hand, that is, the true church, seems to be barren; for the Gospel, the Word of the cross, which the church preaches, is not as brilliant as is the teaching about the Law and works, and therefore it has few pupils who cling to it. Besides, it […]

In Memoriam

A belated post for Memorial Day: A friend of mine who is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel asked me recently if he had ever told me why he felt so strongly about coming to adult Sunday school and learning about the gospel. I told him that no, he had never mentioned it. I will never forget […]