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Viral Video Virtues

Q: What do the Law without Gospel and a Watermelon Catapult Competition in the Amazing Race have in common?

A: When our own attempts to fulfill the law backfire and lead to self destruction, we’re told to get up and finish the task we weren’t able to complete in the first place.
Comment on this post if you’re glad the Christian Life is not the Amazing Race, but Amazing Grace! (see what I did there?)

The Amazing Race and LAW

I am a person who is always a week behind on TV. So I just watched last weeks Amazing Race and this episode had a great scene about how the law just destroys people. Check it out..

Another Week Begins: God vs Science, R.Crumb, Chris Christie, Social Justice, The Amazing Race and Dr. Null

1. On the off chance that you didn’t see William McGurn’s powerful editorial in last week’s Wall Street Journal, “God vs. Science isn’t the issue”, here’s a few lines from it: Here’s the problem: Almost no one really believes [that human beings do not possess some form of “special dignity” in comparison to other life […]