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Alfred Hitchcock: Artist of Anxiety

Alfred Hitchcock agreed to sit down with François Truffaut for a five-day interview in August 1962. The Frenchman aimed to pick the master’s brain and snag some good tidbits for interested cinephiles. Gradually, their conversation started to flow and the product was a wonderful book. In its introduction, Truffaut calls Hitchcock an “artist of anxiety.” […]

Another Week Ends: Advent Mudballs, Freaks and Geeks, Christian Pariahs, Yiddish Petraeus, Hitchcock Communion, Scott Walker and Super Wolf

1. Not sure exactly what The American Interest is, but Walter Russell Mead’s reflection on the meaning of Advent is the most moving and poetic thing I’ve read on the subject this season, ht TH: As a kid I could never understand why Advent was a season of fasting and solemnity in the church rather […]

Do You Have A Zombie Plan, Part IV

We now resume our regularly-scheduled Zombie coverage. For part one, go here. According to the Zombie Research Society (ZRS), May is National Zombie Awareness Month.  One might wonder why such an important observance is not in October, the month of Halloween.  That’s easy.  In October, everyone has zombies on the mind.  It is always meet […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Duplicity and Real Love

I’ve often said, as I ply my trade, using examples from movies to illustrate the themes of law and gospel, that it’s a lot easier to find examples of law in movies than it is to find examples of the gospel. The reason is simple: humans just don’t love one another the way God loves […]

Books On Film – Whit Stillman

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite filmmakers, Whit Stillman, published an annotated list of “Five Essential Books About Hollywood”. Hearing anything from Stillman these days is a treat/rarity, even more so when it has to do with film, so I thought it was worth sharing. Numbers 3-5 struck me as particularly interesting. […]