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When the World Calls Them Otherwise, God Calls Them Good

It is a scary time to be raising children. But boys come with their own narrative of misbehaviors. Boys are deemed too intense, too loud, too active. They misbehave earlier and more demonstrably than most girls. They have a much higher rate of diagnosis for challenges like ADHD and mood disorders. They spend more time […]

Social Science Round-Up: The Chemistry of Self-Control, Giving > Receiving, Truth & Repetition, and Upperclass (non-)Empathy

A bunch of relevant recent studies: 1. David Brooks put together a fascinating little survey of recent social science findings in his column this past week, including this nugget about self-control being as much a matter of nutrition as willpower: “Self-control consumes glucose in the brain. For an article in the journal Aggressive Behavior, Nathan […]