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Roses for Your Sin

This beautiful story comes to us from Julian Brooks: The following is a true story. But before I share it, here’s a brief disclaimer that should keep in perspective the purpose of this story, of why it is worth sharing. Grace cannot guarantee results or change. If it could, it would simply turn back into law. Law promises […]

I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Grace: Thoughts on The Useful Sinner

Culturally we spend a lot of time talking about a kind of “pay it forward” do gooderism. You know, you pay for a random stranger’s Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks and then they pay for somebody’s Lemonade Coolerista (just kidding, they haven’t started making those yet). Perfect strangers in perfect harmony, as the thinking goes. Or […]

The Useful Sinner: An Everyman’s Guide to Understanding Grace

The review of this rediscovered gem, now available from Mockingbird, comes from Josh Sherman: A friend put The Useful Sinner by David Hawkins in my hands last week, and the story of grace found within its modest 100 pages absolutely floored me. The book tells the author’s own powerful story – that of an accomplished […]