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The Trial of Atticus Finch: Aaron Sorkin’s To Kill a Mockingbird

A New Look at America’s Beloved Lawyer

Grace in Molly’s Game

This one was written by Anna Nott. If you haven’t seen the action/drama/thriller/hint of comedy that is Molly’s Game, I suggest that you stop reading this article, and investigate a way to watch it. Spoilers to follow. I have been a subscriber to MoviePass, i.e. I have access to unlimited movies in theaters (no more […]

Sanctimonious? Think Again – The Fall in The Newsroom, Season 2

[Spoiler Alert! – Latest Episode] The second Will McAvoy admits fault, he’s started on a path toward redemption – and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom along with him, in perhaps its best episode so far. We postmoderns are on a long, brutal hangover from idealism – especially its horrific twentieth-century manifestations – and, like a last-night […]

To the Dark Side of The Newsroom: Thoughts on Season Two

The best criticism of Aaron Sorkin’s first season of his Utopian TV news series was that it was too sanctimonious. It was too sanctimonious, but Season 2 is looking to turn things around on that front – spoiler alert. Season 1 was a thrill for anyone with an idealistic bent: Sorkin invited us to imagine […]

Another Week Ends: Spoiled Kids, Harvard Perfectionism, KKKlan Grace, Lonergan’s Lament, Negative Thinking, Mormonism, Golf Ethics, Sorkinisms, and Fall Conference Update

1. Over at The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert surveyed the latest swath of parenting books, asking the question “Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?” Much of the article reiterates what we’ve been hearing with alarming frequency the past couple years, namely that the current “helicopter/snowplow” culture of control is backfiring, royally. It’s an honest if […]

Exclusion, Inclusion and Identity in The Social Network

An insightful piece by A.O. Scott over at The NY Times that touches on identity, self-worth and the failure of “works” to assuage the accusing voice of the Law – in this case, the inner critic/persecutor –  as seen through the lens of The Social Network and Wall Street 2. Enough to make one wonder […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: I’ve Loved You So Long

Last week while choosing a movie to rent, I stumbled upon one that I have been wanting to watch since its release last year, the French film I’ve Loved You So Long. I had thought it was a romantic comedy, but I was completely blown away by what it actually was – a story of […]