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The Election is Wonderfully Good News

“That God Elects Man; that God is for Man too the One who Loves in Freedom”

Was Enoughness on the Ballot? A Few Words on Post-Election Disgust and Magnanimity

The Political Dimension of Life Remains Tremendously Important. But the Psychospiritual Dimension Trumps It (!) Every Time.

On Cities Unseen: Living in the Homelessness of Grace

We are Settled until We are Unsettled, Home and Yet Not. It’s a Weird Way to Live.

Yard Sign Righteousness and the Hope of Ballot-Free Salvation

“DOGS 2020: Because Humans Suck”

Just Another Late Night in Washington, DC

This one comes to us from Jim Moore. Sometimes life in America turns into one giant discourse on the work of the Law and the work of the Gospel. That’s how I felt tonight watching Emma Thompson star in Mindy Kaling’s movie Late Night. The movie revolves around an acerbic, cantankerous late-night comedian who has […]