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A Discussion on Law and Gospel – Jady Koch and Steven Paulson

Another one of our favorite talks from the OKC conference in the fall. “What we want to do more than anything is help equip you to go into the world to be … these people who can actually have their burdens relieved and then, by extension, help relieve other people of these burdens.” Just about as classic as it comes.

A Discussion on Law and Gospel — Jady Koch and Steven Paulson from Mockingbird on Vimeo

I’m So Worried: How God Loves Me Through Anxiety – Carrie Willard

Another gem from our OKC Conference, this one from Carrie Willard. Come for the Monty Python tune, stay for the moving hymn sing, with a beautiful reflection on a mother’s angst in between.

I’m So Worried: How God Loves Me Through Anxiety – Carrie Willard from Mockingbird on Vimeo

Grace in an Age of Distraction II – Steven Paulson

The second of Steven Paulson’s stellar presentations at our recent OKC Conference, this one’s gotten a lot of love from those who’ve heard it. It works both in concert with and independent of the first one:

Grace in an Age of Distraction 2 – Steven Paulson from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

The Distraction of Our Lives – Jady Koch

Here comes the next video from our OKC Conference last month! The illustrious Rev. Dr. Koch presiding:

The Distraction of our Lives – Jady Koch from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

OKC 2018 Recordings: Grace in an Age of Distraction

An incredibly heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped put on our conference in Oklahoma City last weekend, especially the good folks at All Souls Episcopal Church, The Anglican Foundation, Commonplace Books, and all-around miracle-worker Carol Johnson. We’re also supremely grateful to Terry Prather and Doug Klembara for filling in on A/V at the last minute.

As per usual, we’re making the recordings available at no charge; if you weren’t able to attend but would like to make a contribution to the cost of putting on the event, Lord knows we’d appreciate it! You can do so via our Support page.

Download links are followed below by an in-line player for each session. And everything’s available on our Talkingbird podcast if you prefer to listen that way. Videos of the talks will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. Photos courtesy of Casey and Travis Squyres at Stellate Photography.

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“Grace in an Age of Distraction I” — Steven Paulson

“In Praise of Distraction” — Curt Benham

“The Distraction of Our Lives” — Jady Koch

“Grace in an Age of Distraction II” — Steven Paulson

“I’m So Worried: How God Loves Me Through Anxiety” — Carrie Willard

“A Discussion on Law & Gospel” — Steven Paulson and Jady Koch

“Sinners in the Hands of—SQUIRREL!” — David Zahl


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“Marriage-Salvation Events” — Ellis and Debbie Brazeal

“Instagram Scrolling and Twitter Rants: Today’s Solutions to Luther’s Anfechtung” — Kelsi Klembara

“Grace in Distracted Parenting” — Nathan Carr

“Walker Percy on Distraction and Selfhood” — Scott Johnson


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T-Minus 2 Weeks ’til OKC: Talk Titles (and Darwin’s Appeal)

In two short weeks, we’ll be gathering in Oklahoma City for our Fall Conference (10/11-13)! Our theme is “Grace in an Age of Distraction” and the details are coming together beautifully. The finalized talk titles are as follows:

  • Grace in an Age of Distraction I&II – Steven Paulson
  • In Praise of Distraction – Curt Benham
  • Marriage-Salvation Events – Ellis and Debbie Brazeal
  • Instagram Scrolling and Twitter Rants: Today’s Solutions to Luther’s Anfechtung – Kelsi Klembara
  • Grace in Distracted Parenting – Nathan Carr
  • Walker Percy on Distraction and Selfhood – Scott Johnson
  • The Distraction of Our Lives – Jady Koch
  • I’m So Worried: How God Loves Me Through Anxiety – Carrie Willard
  • Sinners in the Hands of—SQUIRREL! – David Zahl (ht AJ)

Keep your eyes peeled to the conference site for further details as they develop, including the menus from The Kitchen at Commonplace. And to whet your appetite even more, here’s one more passage from Steven Paulson, this time via his essay “Life Without a Preacher: Darwin’s Origin of Species,” ht AD:

“Is it any wonder why a person would prefer the law’s death to the gospel? Darwin did not reject the beginning of Genesis as a preached God because its science is faulty, but because its divine election is appalling. God elects humans over plants for no legal reasons. God elects Jews who had become idolaters and were taken away to Babylon, only to be freed by Cyrus, the strangest of all Messiahs… Yet, as Darwin traveled around the world he naturally asked, what about all these people who have never had a preacher? What about the unnamed animals of Galápagos? There must be a more rational way God operates than that. Why not make God into a silent pigeon breeder? So Darwin bravely went about discovering life without a preacher. Indeed, that life seems to be a much better arrangement than the election by baptism in opposition to the law—unless, of course, you are the weak.”

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Mbird Fall Conference in Oklahoma City – Less Than Six Weeks Away!

Check out the trailer that the ever-talented Mark Babikow put together for our event next month in Oklahoma City (10/11-13)! You don’t want to miss this one:

For more details or to pre-register, click here!

2018 Fall Conference in OKC (10/11-13): Register Today!

Super excited to announce that pre-registration for our Fall Conference in Oklahoma City in now open!

Join us October 11-13th at All Souls Episcopal Church in OKC as we explore what “Grace in an Age of Distraction” might look like. Speakers include Steven Paulson, Jady Koch, Carrie Willard, David Zahl, Kelsi Klembara, and more. You can check out the full schedule here.

Thanks to the generosity of our hosts, the price tag is just $30/person or $50/couple, which includes (distractably) delicious lunch and dinner on Friday catered by The Kitchen at Commonplace. You do not want to miss this one.