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The Surprising Relief of Being Wrong – Ethan Richardson

The one we’ve all been waiting for… With what may have been the single most memorable line of the event (any guess?).  Thank you again to Mark Babikow for producing!

The Surprising Relief of Being Wrong – Ethan Richardson from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

The Spiritual Life of a Justified Sinner, Pt 1 – Ted Peters

Second talk from NYC is ready to go! Here’s part one of Ted Peters’ wonderful presentation (mild glitchiness should be resolved soon):

Sin Boldly! The Spiritual Life of a Justified Sinner Part One – Ted Peters from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Shut Up and Dance With Me: Relief in a World of Noise – Sarah Condon

If you’re sleepwalking into your Tuesday, this is exactly what you need. Here’s our first video from the New York Conference, from the Mexican Crackerbarrel herself.

Shut Up And Dance With Me: Relief in a World of Noise – Sarah Condon from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

2016 NYC Conference Book Table

As requested, here’s the list of books (and music), we had for sale up in NYC, along with a couple of selections that were heavily referenced in talks. Lots of overlap with the “Recommended Reading” list on our I’m New Here page, but what can you do. Theology/Religion Between Noon and Three: Romance, Law, and the […]

Life Expectancy (In a World of Expectations): A New York Conference Review

A little self-referential praise never hurt, right? Grateful for this one from Sarah Denley Herrington.  Last week my husband and I were fortunate enough to attend Mockingbird’s ninth annual conference at St. George’s Church in New York City. We grew up in the South, were at one time New Yorkers (I use that title very […]

2016 NYC Conference Recordings: Relief!

Thank you again to everyone who helped put on this year’s conference in NYC, especially our invaluable friends at Calvary St. George’s. Feels rather poetic that a conference about “grace in world of expectation” so exceeded our own. Praise God for that. We’re once again making the recordings available gratis; we only ask that those who were not able to […]

“I’m New Here: What’s Going On?” A Conference Preview

What a joy it is to host everyone at Calvary St. George’s for the 9th Annual Mockingbird Conference! Things are shaping up for a memorable weekend with great food, excellent speakers, and a topic that any human being in 2016 can appreciate–Relief. For friends who are new to church, new to Mockingbird, new to Christianity, new to New York, here’s a pre-conference word of Relief for you.

We are Mel Smith and Bryan Jarrell, and we’ll be hosting the breakout session “I’m New Here: What’s Going On?” At this session, we’ll talk about The Law, The Gospel, the Bible, everyday life, and Mockingbird’s vision to connect all those things with the human heart. If it’s your first time at a Mockingbird event, if you’ve come to the conference by yourself, or even if you have attended the last 8 and are wondering “what am I doing here?”, join us!

Together we will explore how God’s immeasurable grace intersects with our human experience through the culture, faith expressions, and everyday living. Here at Mockingbird we can seek to explore the threads of truth & grace as we interact with the world around us.

Travel safe, see you next week!

Nothing else in the world matters but the kindness of grace, God’s gift to suffering mortals. ~Jack Kerouac

Pre-register here!

Good News at World’s End: Grace in Eschatology

Welcome to another preview of a conference breakout session. Join us at Mockingbird NYC: Relief, now just three weeks away! April 14-16. We’ve noted before the phenomenon of the surging popularity of apocalyptic film and television (and video-games!), whether it’s zombies, nuclear war, epidemics, or whatever else that causes a breakdown in the fabric of […]

Salvation by Salivation

This just in: the menus for the meals at our NYC Conference (4/14-16) are now up for your perusal over on the conference site. It’s almost comical. We will not go hungry. Or thirsty.

2016 NYC Conference 4/14-16 (This Week!) – Final Schedule

Click here to pre-register. Holy moly: Thursday April 14th 5:00pm Registration Opens 6:30pm Welcome and Opening Devotion – Dave Johnson 7:00pm Shut Up and Dance With Me: Relief in a World of Noise – Sarah Condon 7:45pm Dinner (see menu) Friday April 15th 8:15am Coffee and Registration 9:00am Welcome and Devotion – Nancy Hanna 9:15am […]