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My current occupation is that of a doctoral student in theology at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. I am an ordained Anglican minister who was born and bred in Singapore. I am also presently the priest-in-charge of Christ the King Anglican Church, Toronto, which is part of the Anglican Network in Canada.

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    My feet and the Rawa Special.

    All or Nothing: The Problem with that little bit of Law

    “Name Your Own Vacation” sounds like a wonderful benefit package. Who wouldn’t want to have the freedom to determine their own vacation time? It has always puzzled me how the  American worker survives with the paltry vacation allocation that most companies in N. America offer. (Back home in Singapore, 3 weeks of vacation is more […]

    What Can you Do?

    I have recently gone back to school and one of the courses I am taking this semester is centred around the theology of the reformers, specifically that of Luther and Calvin. In class this past week, we were discussing the bound will from Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, and of course the topic of semi-Pelagianism came up. […]

    Right Observations…Wrong Conclusions.

      Found yet another story that adds weight to the fact that the law is powerless to change us… but instead it engenders the opposite. In a Reuters article, Thinking about eating healthy can fool brain into choosing fat: new study, the writer says: “In a series of experiments, researchers found that people were substantially […]

    The Gospel of Incomprehensible Unfairness

    I found it interesting how Mark Galli, the managing editor of Christianity Today, drew a gospel lesson from the current furore surrounding the $165 million being paid out to high-leveled executives of the troubled insurance giant AIG (read all about it in The Scandal of the AIG Bonuses). In the article he wryly notes that […]

    Closer to Being Human

      I just read a review in the NY Times on an off-broadway play entitled “This Beautiful City,” which traces the transformation of the city of Colorado Springs into a “miniature capital of (Evangelical) Christianity.” As expected, one of the storylines is, surprise, surprise, Ted Haggard and his fall from grace (covered elsewhere on this […]

    Happy "Moo" Year!

      Chinese New Year is a big deal here in Singapore. It’s kind of like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled up into one big holiday. The festivities and preparations begin months in advance, and they last 15 days after. This upcoming year is the Year of the Ox (the reason for my cheesy title) and it […]