Check out this preview of a conference breakout session, entitled, “Grace Stinks: When the Healer Carries a Sword,” and join us next month at the Mockingbird NYC Conference April 14-16!

vivien-leigh-as-scarlett-ohara-1348207344_b-2Anyone else think it’s a bit rude that God doesn’t carry around a suggestion box?

From an early age, I aimed to be a helpful assistant to God without realizing that I was actually enlisting him to be my assistant. I had a plan for my life, carefully outlined and bullet-pointed, and for quite a while this plan seemed to unfold according to schedule. Until it didn’t. And the life I had planned became pock-marked with all manner of interruptions and disasters, leaving me wondering why, if God was so good, he couldn’t just DO WHAT I WANTED ALREADY.

It’s possible that I have some control issues.

Next month, I’ll be relating my personal tales of finding grace in the wreckage of former plans, and in all sorts of places devoid of divine suggestion boxes–like doctors’ offices, hospital rooms, bathroom floors, carpool lines, creek beds, and barn benches. Topics of interest will range from horse excrement to my theory about who’s really behind the Trump campaign. Luminaries from JRR Tolkien to Scarlett O’Hara will be quoted (but sadly have not yet RSVPed). I’ll try not to embarrass my family or offend any listeners, but anyone involved with the Left Behind series may want to sit this one out. If you’ve ever found yourself asking questions like “Why, God? Why?”, “How Do I Get the Hell Out of Here?”, or “Hey Jesus! HOW DARE YOU?”, then I can’t guarantee answers, but I can promise uncomfortable laughter at my own expense. Which is, I’m coming to find, what grace often sounds like. The smell of it? You’ll just have to show up to find that out.

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