Was flattered to be asked to contribute to Think Christian’s A Theology of Star Wars series. My entry went up today, the opening of which goes like this: 

star-wars-ep-vi_400_266Poor Return of the Jedi. Somehow it has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the original trilogy (“no respect!”), routinely ranked by fans as the least favored installment. On lists that include the prequels, it sometimes falls below Revenge of the Sith. Those who have re-watched Revenge of the Sith recently know that is no minor slight.

I’d like to believe that there is something in my Christian DNA that compels me to defend the indefensible, love the loveless and stick up for the marginalized, even in a seemingly silly way. Alas, my affinity for Jedi probably has more to do with a sentimental attachment, as it was the first non-animated movie I saw in theaters. If I truly cared about the least of these, I would be writing about Attack of the Clones. Some sand is too coarse.

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