A Short Course in Grace in Practice: July 30 – August 3!

That’s right–at the very end of July the one and only Dr. Paul F. M. […]

Mockingbird / 5.24.12

That’s right–at the very end of July the one and only Dr. Paul F. M. Zahl will be teaching a week long class about his book (and Mbird fave) Grace in Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life at Knox Theological Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, FL! Needless to say, this is a rare and special opportunity, so be sure not to miss out (the course is open to the general public). For more info, go to www.knoxseminary.edu or to register directly, please contact registrar Lori Gottshall at LGottshall@knoxseminary.edu. The official blurb is as follows:

A Short Course in Grace in Practice

The Rev. Dr.theol Paul F.M. Zahl

July 30 – August 3, 2012

This course addresses a vital theme in theology, pastoral care, and real life: the grace of God as it works out in everyday experience, especially in human relationships. Dr. Zahl will begin with a short systematic theology of grace (day one), followed by its implications for personal development from the cradle to the grave (day two). Day three will look at grace in practice as it relates to the male-female dimension in life and also to parents and children. Day four will observe grace in practice in the world – especially in relation to criminal justice, economics, and war. The last day of the course will consider grace in practice in the church, with concrete attention to preaching, pastoral care, and church administration. The governing rubric for the course is this: “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” – there are no boundaries to the extension of grace in this world.