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Dear Siri, Refuge of My Soul: Night-In Celebrities and Talking to Yourself

People seem not to care much for the new “Celebrity Having a Night In” Siri commercials, featuring Samuel L. Jackson making risotto, John Malkovich creepily creeping over Siri’s jokes, Zooey Deschanel not knowing if it’s raining outside. They’re all talking to Siri, Siri the Automated Personality, Siri the You Are Not Alone. Here’s what All […]

Another Week Ends: Christian Neurotics, Shrieking Children, Grunge-Love, Steve Jobs, and Idiot Brothers

At week’s end, despite the continued reverberations, ironic photo blogs, and miraculous happenings, all is still in post-quake Central Virginia! The Mockingbird offices remain in functional tact… 1) Over at First Things, and similarly confronting the stigmas of mental health as discussed in an earlier post this week, “The Christian Neurotic” ponders “neurosis” and its […]

Top 10 for 2009

One of the best things about the end of the year are “Best of Lists.” I’m a little late to the game to post my own “Best Albums of 2008”, so I decided to post a “Top 10 Most Anticipated Album Releases for 2009.” In no particular order: Kings of Convenience, Quiet IS the New […]