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You Can’t Be Serious

I am forever struggling to be taken seriously. Perhaps it comes from being the youngest child or perhaps it is connected to my ordination at an early age. Whatever the cause, I am desperate to be seen as a serious person doing serious things.  This desire carries over into my faith life as well. I […]

I’ve Been Consulting My WWJD Bracelet All Day And It Just Won’t Answer Me!

From a USA Today article entitled “Choice Bus Shows Students Two Sides Of Education”:

Anderson says, “I want to be somebody who makes something out of my life and not be in prison. I tell kids to think about what kind of child you want your mother to have, a prison child or someone who makes good choices in life.” (Yikes. Good luck, kids!)

What Goes Up Must Come Down: the Top Five of 2009

All of the following have enjoyed the heights of success, but unfortunately have now felt the sting of reality. These are empirical proof that “all is vanity and a striving after wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14). 5-Campaign WristbandsWhether it be WWJD, Livestrong, or Bono’s One bracelets, the popularity of this clever marketing gimmick has mostly passed. It […]