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Another Week Ends: Commodified Experience, Counterproductive Shaming, Fake Asia Trips, Net Addiction, and Star Wars Minus Williams

1. The New Yorker weighs in on “bucket lists“, ht DH: Whence the appeal of the bucket list? To stop and think about the things one hopes to do, the person one hopes to be, is a useful and worthwhile exercise; to do so with a consciousness of one’s own unpredictable mortality can be a sobering […]

Spiritual Warfare 2.0: How Prayer is Not a Video Game

Anthropologist and author T. M. Luhrmann has written a guest column for The New York Times this week called “Addicted to Prayer.” Luhrmann, who has spent time studying the American evangelical community and written a book on “the evangelical relationship with God”, discusses the benefits of any kind of prayer (including secular meditation) on health. […]

All’s Fair in Love and War(craft)

With royal wedding bells still ringing on pretty much every channel and news outlet in existence, what better day to check in on the state of modern romance. The human heart continues to pursue its prey through and around every obstacle we dream up, and such inventive ways – it’s enough to make one believe […]