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Another Week Ends: Reciprocal Favors, Atheism’s Biggest Challenge, The New Yorker Profiles Francis I, Declining WASPs, Social Media Christmas Cards, Ascendant Meritocracies, and Simon Pegg

1. New Year’s Resolutions: we’ve said about all we’re going to say concerning a yearly ritual of personal bootstrapping, but some great articles this year from Tullian Tchividjian (on the spiritual side of things), from Woody Guthrie’s Sermon-on-the-Mount-standard life guide (pictured below), and finally, a wonderful Quartz article about how to make resolutions you can keep. After long study, they basically reverse-engineered the historically Christian approach to […]

The Unforgiving Law of Prep (Part One of Two)

I cannot be preppy. I was not born in Philadelphia. I did not attend boarding school. I went to a public university. In the Southeast. I did not grow up in Made in America, LL Bean hand-me-downs. I occasionally shop at J. Crew (which is not preppy). I wear slim-fit chinos and shirts, which are […]

Vulgarity Is Blasphemous: Why Whit Stillman Doesn’t Hate Episcopalians

When I heard The NY Times Magazine was about to run a lengthy profile of filmmaker/author/all-around inspiration Whit Stillman, my first thought was, “About time!” Stillman’s return to directing after a 13-year silence, Damsels in Distress (out in NYC and LA on April 6), deserves the widest possible reception. Then I read the thing, which […]

The Incredible Shrinking WASP

“The Triumphant Decline of the WASP” reads the title of a provocative recent piece in The NY Times by Noah Feldman, which boldly argues that the now Protestant-less composition of the Supreme Court  represents a victory of establishment virtue. And by “establishment,” Feldman is referring specifically to White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs). Needless to say, […]

Another Week Ends: Perfomance Reviews, Zimmermania, Godzilla, Reasonability, WASPs, Hipster Xianity, Arcade Fire

1. A fascinating piece over at NY Times titled “Time To Review Work Reviews?” Filled to the brim, as one might imagine, with Law-related gems (ht SZ). Annual reviews not only create a high level of stress for workers, [Dr. Samuel Culbert, clinical psychologist and author of the new Get Rid Of The Performance Review!] […]