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GAME OVER: Video Game Deaths, Expiation, and New Beginnings

Do you remember GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64? Do you remember dying? The halted forward progress, the bucking controller in your hand, the blood, the screen reddening at each blow, the wincing gasps of Bond-pain? In multi-player, you’re killed, transported to a new location, all your possessions left behind–your life is taken and so are […]

Another Week Ends: Prostate Gospel, Rotten Airbenders, Marriage, OT Video Games

1. In Mark Galli’s recent column over at Christianity Today, “The God Who Became Blood”, he uses his dysfunctional prostate as a jumping off point to talk about the Incarnation: “Whenever we see clear signs of our humanity—our vulnerability and mortality—we are apt to become frightened and flush the red liquid down the toilet, and […]

Super Mario Bros and the Limits of Cause and Effect

The foundation of the world of Super Mario Bros. is built upon Newton’s third law of cause and effect. It is perfectly ordered according to its brilliant programing design. Each enemy moves and attacks according to a predictable pattern: ghosts travel towards you when your back is turned, turtles/mushrooms walk or fly, etc. Within this […]