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The Twelve Thank You Notes of Christmas

An imaginary (and increasingly hostile) series of letters to someone’s True Love.  Hoping it will inspire you in your thank you notes this season.

CBN and The 700 Club

A while back, my mother signed me up for daily bible reading emails from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). I must confess, I disregarded them from the get-go, assuming that I didn’t want to pollute myself with anything from Pat Robertson’s large, self-aggrandizing corporation/network. I’ve always felt that the 700 Club feigns a nitty grittyness […]

Babies Anyone?

This article comes from a several month-old NYTimes Magazine, discusses the world’s fertility crisis and the fact that Europe’s fertility has dropped below the replacement rate. The decline in fertility is different in every country, but generally people have lost the desire to have children. The only place that this is perhaps not the case […]