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Another Christmas Arrives: DFW on Federer, Pinsky on Donne, Gervais on Atheism, The National Bible Bee, Backfiring (!) Smoking Bans, and Troubled Childhoods

Just the links this time, for some holiday reading: 1. On Slate, if you have time for a mind-bender, The Philosophical Underpinnings of David Foster Wallace’s Fiction (hint: rhymes with Littgenstein). For some prime DFW himself, check out his renowned profile for the NY Times, “Roger Federer as Religious Experience.” For all of our posts […]

Another Week Ends: Last Words, Scientologists, The Onion, John Hughes

1. A very powerful piece on the NY Times Freakonomics blog about the last words uttered by prisoners on death row. After listing a number of examples from a Texas execution site, the author discusses how last words have come to be understood as “Kantian Moments”: [Speaking one’s last words] is an almost-perfectly Kantian moment, […]