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Another Week Ends: Techno-Fasting, Google Glass, Tiger Babies, Missional Burnouts, Serrano’s Backfire, Powell’s Joy, and Family Tree

1. First off, a timely rejoinder to our many social-media-is-making-us-lonely posts from Paul Miller on The Verge, entitled “I’m Still Here: Back Online After A Year Without Internet”. As the title suggests, Miller unplugged for a solid year, partly as an assignment to try to discover how technology, and the Internet in particular, had affected […]

The Tiger Mother Strikes Again!

I’ve been trying to figure out why Amy Chua, aka The Tiger Mother, gets under my skin so much. On Christmas Eve, The Wall Street Journal published a follow-up piece of hers, which dealt with the relatively hands-off approach she and her husband adopted when their daughter (or “tiger cub”) went off to college. At […]

What’s Up, Tiger Mom?

There have been a number of developments in the Amy Chua Chinese-Mother saga since the excerpt of her book appeared in The Wall Street Journal last week. She seems to have struck a major nerve, from which she attempted to back-pedal in both The Journal and The Times this week, albeit pretty unconvincingly. Chua takes […]

Demand, Achievement and Chinese Mothers

A fascinating, challenging, and dare-I-say slightly horrifying article about the superiority of Chinese Mothers in The Wall Street Journal, doubling as a critique of today’s self-esteem-obsessed culture. Enough to make one feel like a dyed-in-the-wool Occidental. The unapologetic emphasis on achievement, while clearly exaggerated here, is congruent with some of the first-generation kids that I […]