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Sanctimonious? Think Again – The Fall in The Newsroom, Season 2

[Spoiler Alert! – Latest Episode] The second Will McAvoy admits fault, he’s started on a path toward redemption – and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom along with him, in perhaps its best episode so far. We postmoderns are on a long, brutal hangover from idealism – especially its horrific twentieth-century manifestations – and, like a last-night […]

To the Dark Side of The Newsroom: Thoughts on Season Two

The best criticism of Aaron Sorkin’s first season of his Utopian TV news series was that it was too sanctimonious. It was too sanctimonious, but Season 2 is looking to turn things around on that front – spoiler alert. Season 1 was a thrill for anyone with an idealistic bent: Sorkin invited us to imagine […]