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Another Week Ends: Free Won’t, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cars 2, more Super 8, Antinomian Letters, The Killing and Futurama

1. I can’t stop my leg! A fascinating post on Psychology Today about the groundbreaking research of neuroscientist Benjamin Libet into the area conscious choice/willpower, entitled “Free Won’t,” ht JD: Given our common sense notion of how our actions work, we might expect that we first have a conscious awareness of an intention or urge […]

Another Week Ends: Tiger Fathers and Tiger Kids, Quarter-Life Crises, Mark Ruffalo, Hoarding, Community & Nu Thangs

1. We’ve been following the story of Vicki Abeles’ education documentary Race to Nowhere with great interest this past year, cheering it on as best we can. Slate ran a feature on the ruckus the film is kicking up around the country, rightfully placing it in the context of its doppelganger, “Battle Hymn of the […]