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Locked Doors and Charity Tickets in Herman Melville’s “Two Temples”

I’ve written on this not-very-talked-about collection of shorts from Melville, called The Happy Failure, before, and Melville has been a character-revival of some consequence as of late anyway, but this quirky story “The Two Temples” completely blindsided me. A short story in two parts, “Temple the First” and “Temple the Second,” the narrator is an […]

Upstream Ambition and the Universal Drift in Herman Melville’s “The Happy Failure”

The only short story most people are required to read in the Melville anthology is “Bartleby, the Scrivener”–a completely depressing novella about a man gone gloomy in Wall Street. People really do like Melville, and he’s gained the critical respect of the academy for his complex and vast allusive knowledge, as well as his unprecedented […]