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Another Week Ends: Inner Machiavellians, Lutheran Insults, Whisky Priests, Monkees, Mets, Parenthood, Veep, Viola Davis and Frankenweenie

1. I’ll admit it: I’ve been trying to lay off the David Brooks, at least in the Weekend columns. As insightful as he frequently is, there are plenty of fish in the digital sea, are there not? Well, to paraphrase a Pacino, every time I think I’m out, he pulls me back in. That is […]

Lying Liars and Their Lying Faces

The Guardian recently published an excerpt from Robert Feldman’s The Liar In Your Life: How Lies Work And What They Tell Us About Ourselves, an in-depth look at all things 9th Commandment-related, and wow! (In the US, the name of the book was changed to The Liar In Your Life: The Way To Truthful Relationships […]

An Excess of Excess in Sex and Religion

The Guardian published a fascinating look at the human relationship with excess recently, from psychoanalyst Adam Phillips, entitled “Insatiable Creatures” (ht. A O’Connor). He starts with a general examination the morality and pitfalls of excess, then deals with sexuality at length before ending with religion. He’s particularly interested in what our propensity for excess says […]