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Another Week Ends: Chutes and Ladders, Sex Recessions, Virtue Signaling, the Final Four, and the End of Goodbyes

1. Adam Grant wrote an op-ed this week in the New York Times about the question thrown at seven year olds everywhere: What do you want to be when you grow up? Grant, who is an “organizational psychologist,” believes that the question should be thrown out, not because no child could possibly know what they […]

Werner Herzog’s Public Service Announcement

Maybe you’ve heard, but AT&T approached Mbird favorite Werner Herzog to do a public service announcement on the dangers of texting while driving. Rather than a short commercial-length announcement, Herzog made a 36-minute short film, interviewing both the victims and the guilty. It is not an easy watch by any stretch, but worth it. As […]

Control vs. Chaos? NCAA Recruiting, Texting, and Freedom

In his “Point After” column in the June 25 issue of Sports Illustrated, Phil Taylor (who is usually, and unfortunately, cut from the Rick Reilly cloth) wrote a short piece called “Thumb Wrestling for Recruits.” The subject is the intricacies of NCAA recruiting rules, and the changes thereto. Until this year, college coaches were severely […]

Another Week Ends: Forsaking Simeon, The Donald, more Ayn Rand, Text Etiquette, Mel Gibson, Underage Drinking, Parenthood and Batman

Quick Site Update: The mobile version is officially ready! If you’re on an iPhone/iPad (or similar smartphone), simply empty your cache, visit the site and you will be prompted to load the site as its own app. Enjoy! 1. In the mockingcup-runneth-over department, Conference speaker Mark Galli provides a stunning Holy Week meditation in Christianity […]