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Daniel’s Beatrice: Some Stray Observations on Sundance’s Rectify

So far I haven’t been all too impressed with what has been said about Ray McKinnon’s Rectify, the new six-episode show on the Sundance Channel, which was just cleared for a second season next year. It’s not that the reviews have been negative or untrue—they just haven’t seemed to be on the level upon which […]

Another Week Ends: Underconfidence, Kate Middleton’s Picnics, Unreported Medical Advice, D.H. Lawrence’s Christian Wonder, the Double-Bind of Summer Movies, More Christian Wiman, and (Way) Too Much Sociology

1. How confident are you? Over at The New York Times, David Brooks surveyed his readers to get a sense for self-confidence, lack thereof, and the ways males and females experience confidence differently. While the word itself is a bit vague and murky, and Brooks found few trends in the survey data, the individual responses […]