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Apocalyptic Box Offices and Sanctified Darwinism

A thought-provoking if fairly depressing essay from Steve Almond appeared in the NY Times Magazine last week, “The Apocalypse Market Is Booming.” As anyone with a television will tell you, in the years since we last checked in on this trend in any substantial way, the amount of eschatalogical fantasies being peddled by Hollywood has […]

A Generational Reckoning: My Kindergartner, the Technophile

Have you been taught, by a small child, how to play Angry Birds? Were you amazed–kind of creeped out?–to see how they maneuvered the slingshot, how deftly they manipulated those pig structures? The New York Times Magazine just published this from fiction writer Steve Almond, about the perils latent in the swift currents of a […]